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If you see a missing child call 116 000If you see a missing child call 116 000

What to do if you see a missing child

If you think you can help the search for a missing child, do the following:

  1. Please call or text the charity Missing People on 116 000 (it’s free, 24 hour and confidential) or the police force dealing with the case giving details of the area in which you saw the child and details of the time, date and place you see the child. Note descriptions of any other person (adult or child) that is with the child.
  2. DO NOT approach the child or attempt to 'rescue' the child. Leave that to the police. If ANYTHING about the situation causes you concern that the child is in immediate danger, dial 999 and report the matter to the police.
  3. Please remember, the child could have been safely recovered since you saw the child on the site. Even if still missing, recovering a child needs professional expertise and is a job for the police.
  4. Tell the police that you recognise the child from the missingkids web site. This will help their investigation.
  5. You may be asked to provide evidence for the police and/or the courts. You are a witness to a possible crime.

The above advice applies to any situation in which you think a child is being abducted against their will.

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